Sunday, February 19, 2012

Startin' Up The Old Blog Again

Hello, readers. And by readers, I mean "mom." I haven't updated this blog for lo these many months for no reason other than sloth and the feeling that my "writing life," such as it is, was being entirely sucked up by freelancing projects and that any shred of creative energy I had remaining would be better devoted to writing short stories full of bitter observations about domestic life. Since those short stories have failed to materialize insofar as I have failed to write them, I am getting back on the blog hobbyhorse to see what happens when an outlet for writing with no word limit or requirements vis a vis "accessibility," snark level, or common familiarity with obscure pop-cultural references is available to me. Also, I have been reading a book called "Will Write For Food," which gave me a minor case of the heebie-jeebies with phrases like "the more content you create, the more Googleable you become." Cripes. What I'm going to try and do is post at least weekly, focusing on the kind of food writing I enjoy doing most, and see if it works. This may at some point involve learning to actually use the features of Blogger beyond kindergarten-level. Tonight I'm making some Indian food for my family, so stay tuned for the inaugural CWTD post of the super-futuristic year 2012: "Chicken Dhansak." There will probably be at least one dirty pun therein.

PS the photo above was taken in a shipboard casino; beneath the disc of clear Plexiglas beneath my feet was a great pile of fake money and jewels.